Tipped Off By Her Dog, Victim Says She's Sickened Over What's On Video

MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. (CBS 2) – There was a noise in the night and then a sickening discovery.

A suburban homeowner found out that she’d been “stalked” and spied-on by a trusted neighbor. She said he was finally caught because she got the evidence on video, CBS 2’s Lou Young reported exclusively.

It started with a bark. The dog’s owner said 3-year-old “Cloey” would go wild every night around 10 p.m. She wanted to know what was setting her off.

It turns out a motion-activated deer camera is what the homeowners decided to use to set their trap. Pointed in a certain direction, they thought they’d get a wildlife picture: a bear, raccoon or badger. They ended up with an entirely different animal.

Captured on film, the man is seen outside of the home checking the windows — a voyeur on a sick adventure.

“That’s the bathroom window and you can see the glow from the light inside. He’s on his tippy toes,” the victim said, adding when asked if he was looking at her, “yes, at that point, yes I was probably in the bathroom.”

The shots from the deer cam are grainy, so cops set up their own gear the next night and captured the woman’s neighbor, 33-year-old Edward D’Andrea, a married father who told neighbors he’s a former teacher and planned to start work with the Orange County Department of Children Services. He was charged with trespass, stalking, and endangering the welfare of a minor — his own 3-year-old who he had apparently left home alone, police said.

“Here he was going to look after other children and he wasn’t of the mindset to be in the house with her because he was preoccupied with doing this. It sickens me,” the victim said.

Another neighbor said the man needs help.

“My heart goes out to his family because obviously he has a problem. So my heart goes out to him. We’re a prayerful family and I pray for him as much as he wife as well and he has a daughter as well,” Ellie Guertin said.

D’Andrea was released on $500 bail and is now living with relatives.

Although the suspect told police he worked for Orange County, a county spokesperson said Monday he is not found in employment records. Middletown police said they are checking on that.

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