Ackeem Green Was Highly Involved In The Community, Recently Had A Child

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There was a manhunt underway Monday night for the gunman who opened fire on an innocent group of basketball players.

The victim: a new father and beloved youth mentor.

CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez spoke with his family about the man they lost and the community frustrated by random violence.

Parents of gun violence victims in Harlem gathered Monday night to comfort and support their newest member, Col. Gregory Collins.

“We are sick and tired of being sick and tired of all these shootings!” one person said.

“He didn’t deserve this. And it’s still hard to believe that we lost Ackeem,” Collins added,

Collins’ stepson, Ackeem Green, was shot in the back and killed on the St. Nicholas basketball courts Sunday afternoon. Three others were wounded, but survived. The gunmen are still on the loose, police said.

“This is not one of those young men who go out there and go out with gangs and violence and bothering people. This is somebody that was doing something constructive with his life,” Collins said.

Green, 25, was an active mentor in the Harlem Youth Marines, had just become a father and had plans to get married in August.

Now his family is planning his funeral.

“He’s a good man, brave, honest, great to the community. He didn’t deserve this at all,” friend Joseph Harris said.

Collins said his beloved stepson always encouraged children to steer clear from violence, but he said he’s concerned those who cared for Green may retaliate.

“That’s the wrong thing to do. Let the police handle the matter. If you retaliate then that would bring more violence and Ackeem wouldn’t want that,” Collins said.

Police said there could be two gunman who opened fire, adding the motive for the shootings is still unknown.

Green’s son is just 2 months old.

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