PATERSON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — There are new calls for action as violence escalates in Syria. Nearly 80 people — including women and children –were apparently by pro-government forces.

It’s the fourth mass slaying in the violence-torn country in just two weeks. On Thursday, the United States condemned president Bashar al-Assad. CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer spoke with local families with ties to Syria, who are worried for their loved ones back home.

Tempers flared among members of the Syrian community in Paterson, New Jersey as there were new reports of mass murder and international leaders debated what to do.

The United States and some members of the United Nations may want Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to go, but in Paterson people are deeply divided.

“Assad he have to leave Syria. He have to go. We don’t want him,” Hasan Zeidan said.

“Yes he stay in power because 60 percent of Syria, they love him. Sixty percent of Syrian people they want him,” said Gavral Saati.

“I think he should be left alone because Syria was in peace the way it was,” said Reem Yaghen.

Some say that the only true solution is a Syrian solution.

“What’s happen in Syria — this is its Syrian decision. We don’t need anyone to interfere with Syria, we need a revolution we need to change Assad,” said Adnan Ihsan. “Every day I call them every day I ask them they’re not comfortable over there. They’re not happy with what’s happened.”

There is also fear for the loved ones back home. Even those who support Assad know that violence is going on there.

“They came to my brother house — three, four guys in the night — they said ‘If you don’t go with us outside, we’re going to burn your house.’ This is my brother, so he took his kids and his family to Lebanon,” Gavral Saati said.

There are many opinions about hat to do in Syria and the opinions expressed Thursday in Paterson is just a microcosm.

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