NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A new mom from Queens was expecting to deliver her twins at the hospital, but instead gave birth in front of a newsstand on the Lower East Side.

Sal Medina couldn’t believe what was unfolding before his eyes as a white livery cab came to a stop next to his newsstand on Delancey Street.

“Driver gets out and he’s panicking, ‘call 911. Lady in the backseat broke her water,'” Medina said.

The Queens woman was on the way to the hospital with her aunt to deliver twins, but the she couldn’t get there fast enough.

“I seen the lady come out the cab, she’s screaming, so I just want to help her,” said witness Angel Rever.

Hearing the aunt in a panic, Rever called 911. Two ambulances arrived on scene, but the first of two bouncing baby girls had already been born.

“It was so exciting, we just stood there looking,” said Medina.

“She was crying a little bit, but she was pretty calm,” said emergency responder Tiege Dolly. “In fact, when we arrived on scene everyone was pretty calm.”

“I took care of the mom, we moved mom into the ambulance so it was a little better environment in case the second baby was delivered,” said emergency responder Alexander Khalef.

EMS transferred her and the first-born to Bellevue Hospital, but the second baby girl wasn’t going to wait either. Mom delivered her on the way up to labor and delivery.

“We saw mom and dad afterward, they were all smiles,” said Khalef. “It was good.”

Bellevue Hospital told CBS 2 that mom and babies are doing well.

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