The guys took a call from a fella named Dave and he reported that Mike Francesa – who attended Jim Nantz’s wedding on the 7th hole at Pebble Beach over the weekend – mentioned that Kenny G performed during the ceremony.  Craig took the phone call as an opportunity to remind Boomer that he was not invited to be part of Nantz’s special day – a fact Boomer was made well-aware of yesterday.

Speaking of special days, Craig suggested to Boomer that the next time they go golfing together – which has turned into a weekly occurrence – that the two of them smoke some pot and get good and stoned before they tee off.

Not surprisingly, the Blonde Bomber wasn’t interested in partaking in the smoking of marijuana, but told Craig he had no problem if he were to do so, just as long as he doesn’t get behind the wheel afterwards…

LISTEN: Kenny G Plays At Jim Nantz’s Wedding & Craig Suggests A ‘Green Day’ Of Golf (06/12)

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