NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — High school students from Brooklyn were forced to re-take their SATs on Saturday.

Unhappy students told CBS 2’s Dick Brennan that a testing problem during their first test was the cause of Saturday’s re-test at the Packer Collegiate Institute.

“I just wasted five-hours taking it, now I have to take it again, it’s pretty horrible,” said Jacob Freedman.

Jasmine Lugo echoed Freedman’s sentiments.

“It’s annoying, I have like three other tests, now it’s this one, it’s just stressful,” she said.

Test results for nearly two-hundred students were invalidated following a test in May, because proctors were careless, seats were too close together, and IDs were not checked, according to the College Board.

Students told CBS 2 that the College Board may have overreached in its assessment.

“They didn’t even come into my room and I was sitting at my old table, so the fact that they cancelled everyone’s scores, when it was only a few rooms they checked is ridiculous,” said Claire Moore.

Parents said that the school should have been prepared.

“With all the momentum, all the things that are taking place in the children’s lives at this point; preparing for AP exams, SAT 2’s, Regents, there’s so much to go around, why should this be another stresser,” said Maureen Comrie.

Packer apologized for the problems but said that the College Board overreacted.

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