Bieber Fever Breaks Out At J&R After Press Delays Scheduled Event By 1 Hour

By Annie Reuter, CBS Local

NEW YORK (92.3 NOW) Justin Bieber fans lined up for miles Tuesday in New York City with high hopes of meeting the teen idol during a signing at J&R Music World.

The singer continued days of promotion while in the the city celebrating the release of his much anticipated album Believe. Bieber was also awarded a proclamation from the city by Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer who declared June 19, Justin Bieber J&R Appreciation Day in Manhattan.

Young fans traveled to the downtown location with their parents, some of whom took the day off from work. Madison Gregal, 14, from New Jersey, woke up at 1 a.m. to make the trek to the city with her mom. She waited in line since 6 a.m to meet Justin Bieber. Her mom said she wanted to make her daughter happy so the two took a road trip.

Meanwhile, Julia Scheuttig found out that tickets for Tuesday’s fan event to meet Bieber were still available Monday night. She and her mother waited for nine hours together. Julia said she would try her best to hold back tears and get a few words in when she met Bieber.

“If I don’t cry I will probably tell him how much he means to me,” she said. “He’s so inspiring and he’s beautiful.”

Her mother, Karen, agreed.

“She loves him. It’s all she thinks about,” she said. “He really is a good role model for young girls. I figure, there’s not that many of those around so it’s nice for her to come and get a chance to see her idol.”

Bieber was scheduled to begin Tuesday’s signing and meet & greet event at 2 p.m., but it was delayed. Pandemonium broke loose in the store shortly before 3 p.m. While at first it looked to be caused by fans, it turned out the press was the culprit.

Distracted by the continuous camera flashes and yelling from press photographers, Bieber left the stage after a few minutes of signing autographs. Some photographers were infuriated that they didn’t receive their allotted time with the star, but Bieber had the final say and declined to come back out until they left.

Soon after, the press were ushered out before Bieber’s bodyguard, Kenny Hamilton, filled fans in on the situation.

“Sorry guys. He just wanted it to be us and no press,” he said before mentioning no photos would be allowed as thousands of fans were lined up to meet Bieber and he wouldn’t have enough time with each fan.

As some fans screamed “Justin, I love you!” the moment they entered the store, others simply started crying at the sight of their favorite singer.

“What are you going to say?” one father asked his daughter, to which she replied “I don’t know!”

“Try not to pass out,” he advised.

Wise words from a father.

This is just one stop on the current Bieber Believe invasion.

Be sure to follow his Twitter for his ongoing itinerary and catch him Wednesday night on the Late Show with David Letterman.

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