Coming back from break, the gang engaged in a discussion about what constitutes a ‘game-winning RBI’ before focusing their attention some audio from last night’s Yankees’ radio broadcast on WCBS 880, which of course featured the unmistakable duo of John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman.

The audio spanned from the top to the bottom of the seventh inning, when Yankees outfielder Dewayne Wise dove into the left field stands and was credited with a catch for his efforts, despite failing to come up with the baseball and John & Suzyn described, then discussed ‘the catch’ that wasn’t.

Sterling called it the ‘best catch of the year’ while Suzyn’s mind was apparently elsewhere. All the while, both of them failed to notice the ‘fat guy’, which was how Craig described the lucky fan who came up with the ball after Wise failed to maintain control ‘with the baseball’…

LISTEN: Game-Winning RBI Debate, John & Suzyn Miss The ‘Fat Guy’ With The Baseball (06/27)

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