While waiting on hold, Ron Darling got to hear today’s edition of the wildly popular trivia contest, ‘Do You Know More Sports Than…’ and afterwards he congratulated our attractive winner Nicole and even promised to give her father Bruno a ‘shout-out’ during this afternoon’s Mets-Cubs game on SNY.

Clearly Darling is aware, and worthy of his nomination for this year’s ‘Pulse of the People’ award, but when asked about it he did his best to downplay the honor bestowed upon him.

From there Darling talked about Johan Santana’s ups and downs since pitching his no-hitter, the importance of Jon Niese pitching well today at Wrigley Field (where the balls should be flying-out later today according to Darling), the Mets outlook moving forward and the need to get David Wright some rest…

LISTEN: Ron Darling Talks About His POTP Nomination & The Mets

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