As Quickly As Man Rescued 1-Year-Old Boy He Disappeared Without A Trace

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A stunning rescue in Brooklyn likely spared the life of a little boy after he and his stroller went tumbling onto the subway tracks.

CBS 2’s Jessica Schneider spoke with the woman who saw it all happen and called 9-1-1.

“She was just frantic, very scared. She ran toward the track. She just wanted her baby!” Khalima Ansari said Tuesday.

Ansari was approaching the tracks at the Van Siclen Avenue station in Highland Park as a horrified mother looked below, only to see her 1-year-old baby boy on the rails  after a gust of wind sent his stroller over the edge of the platform.

“His brothers and sisters were crying. They were just so scared!” Ansari said.

Just seconds after that terrifying tumble a mystery man came running from seemingly out of nowhere and jumped onto the tracks to get the baby.

“He jumped down there with no questions. He was quick, really quick!” Ansari said.

Witnesses said the “J” train was actually rolling into the station when that good Samaritan was on the tracks, trying to lift the toddler and his stroller to safety.

People said the stroller was upside down, with the baby underneath.

“I don’t know if the conductor would’ve seen the baby if the guy wasn’t there because of the guy’s height!” Ansari said.

The little boy was lifted up and given back to his mother. He was later brought to Brookdale Hospital, where people said they couldn’t believe the risky rescue.

“Thank God he was there to save the child at the time, because a mother like me, I’d be scared. That’s my child there!” said Patrice Redhead of Brooklyn.

The little boy suffered a gash to his forehead, but hospital administrators said he’ll be just fine. They also said the boy’s mother wants to tell the man who saved her son, “thank you and God bless you.”

“I commend him. That was really brave! He’s a hero. He really is,” Ansari said.

He’s a hero who risked his life to save a 1-year-old’s future.

The baby was admitted for observation but is expected to be okay, hospital officials said.

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