NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Will she name him Jay?

A woman gave birth to a boy around 2 a.m. Wednesday on a downtown J Train as it was approaching the Chambers Street station in lower Manhattan, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said.

The 24-year-old woman was alone in the last car of the train and used the train’s intercom to call for help.

A train supervisor quickly responded and blocked off the car during the delivery.

Conductor Veronica Stevens, a 23-year MTA veteran, said she was shocked when she got the orders from the supervisor.

“He said, ‘A lady is in the last car and she has just given birth on the train,’” Stevens told 1010 WINS. “I was like, ‘Stop playing, no this is not happening.’ He said, ‘Yes, the lady is in the last car, I need you to close it down.’”

Stevens said the delivery went smoothly and the mother appeared to be in good spirits.

“When I got to the last car she was sitting up and she had this baby in her arms, I couldn’t believe it,” Stevens told 1010 WINS. “She was sitting up, she wasn’t lying down, she wasn’t moaning, she was just sitting up, holding the baby and she was just good.”

Stevens did what she could to make mom and baby comfortable but she said there was little she could do.

“He was just naked, he didn’t have nothing on, he just had the umbilical cord that was still attached and we were just waiting for the EMS to come,” Stevens said.

Both mother and child are at New York Downtown Hospital and are said to be doing just fine.


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