B&C Morning Show: Boomer Has Observed Badgers In The Water, Doin’ Badger Stuff

(Photo by Michael Smith/Newsmakers)

(Photo by Michael Smith/Newsmakers)

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Jerry Recco provided the guys with the news that the Penguins have inked Sidney Crosby to a very long contract extension, which prompted Boomer to mention a defensemen from the University of Wisconsin that his beloved Rangers have their eyes on.

The mere mention of Wisconsin spawned a conversation about badgers – an animal we learned that Boomer has observed in-person, ‘in the water, doin’ badger stuff’.

Naturally, from there the discussion shifted to beaver teeth and elephants, their trunk size and ability to make their trunks erect…

LISTEN: Boomer Has Observed Badgers In The Water, Doin’ Badger Stuff (06/29)

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