Ty Bentli is big apple bound to join 92.3 NOW’s morning show team. All the way from LosAngeles, Ty is nothing short of excited and grateful for his move to the big city.

92.3 NOW’s programming director, Gillette, had nothing but nice things to say about Ty joining his morning staff.

 Meet Ty Bentli: The Newest Edition To 92.3 NOWs Morning Show

Ty Bentli

“Ty can’t wait to come and engage and embrace the listeners in the greatest city in the world. After a few years out west in Hollywood, he actually quit his job over a month ago just so that he could pursue his dream of coming back east to the big city. (OK, Hollywood is big, but it’s not really a ‘big city!’). Once the tri-state feels his passion and connection, I know they’re going to want to embrace him, too.

I’ve been told he’s quite huggable, although I’ve never had the opportunity myself.”

NYC can expect to wake up to Ty in the mornings starting July 5.

Welcome to the 92.3 NOW family and the big city, Ty!

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