Police Don't Know Why Alex Bergman Wandered Off Or If Alcohol Was Involved

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — The body of a 23-year-old missing Westchester County man was found in Connecticut on Monday following an all-out search.

Alex Bergman was found at the bottom of a swimming pool at a large, colonial house in Ridgefield, where he was partying with friends until the early morning hours Sunday, police said.

Police said friends told them Bergman was last seen walking away from the pool early Sunday morning, leading to an exhaustive search with K-9 units and divers scouring nearby ponds.

Authorities said that they have yet to uncover a reason for the young man to leave his friends, CBS 2’s Lou Young reported.

“Typically, people have a reason to wander off and leave their friends, and this isn’t the case,” Ridgefield Fire-Rescue Chief Heather Burford said.

Dive teams also dragged the bottoms of three local ponds, in an effort to rule out the possibility that Bergman could have fallen into one in the dark, before beginning a step-by-step grid search in the woods.

Authorities said they are still trying to determine the circumstances behind his disappearance and death along with whether alcohol was involved.

“He left without his belongings; only his swim trunks. No clothes, no cell phone. We’ve been holding his personal cell phone, there’s been no activity on it. He has a good job in New Jersey, and a loving family that’s concerned about him and no reason to disappear without some sort of mystery to it,” Burford said.

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