By Kimberly Rae Miller

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Reminder: Katie Holmes is an actress.

That sounds about right, right?  If you’re scratching your head wondering the last time you saw Katie be anything but her soon-to-be ex’s automaton, you’re not alone.  With exception to the family biopic “The Kennedy’s” that was canned by A&E last year, Holmes hasn’t done much acting since she started playing wife to Tom Cruise.

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That’s about to change.  According to People magazine, Holmes is about to start work on a film she co-wrote.  “Molly” will shoot in New York, and is about life as a single mother.  Either life is seriously imitating art or this stage of life has been on Katie’s mind for a while.

Life seems to really be working out for Katie, when “Molly” wraps later this summer, she’ll immediately start working on “Responsible Adults,” a romantic comedy staring Chase Crawford as a man who discovers that his crush was his childhood babysitter.   I’m guessing Katie is the babysitter.

In addition, expect to see Katie’s work on her line Holmes & Yang at New York’s Fashion Week this fall.

It’s our guess Katie Holmes may just be the happiest divorcée New York has ever seen.

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