Summer is usually a peak travel season –  but with the cost of “getting away from it all” on the rise – we’re talking high airfare and gas prices – it can be tough to swing financially.

Changing up where you go and when you travel may help you cut costs.

Travel + Leisure editor Kathryn O’Shea-Evans stopped by The Couch to share her tips on the best trips to book, when to go and how to plan your trip.

First, she suggested traveling during what she called “shoulder seasons” – or just before or after a destinations prime popularity. For example, she said, people love to visit Maine in the summer, but going in the fall means less crowding and great deals on accommodations.

She also suggested Boston trips for the fall and Hawaii for the spring. And for those thinking more along international lines, O’Shea-Evans suggested the Caribbean in November.

For all of the magazine editor’s expert advice, check out the video below.

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