Ever feel as if nothing is going right? The computer keeps crashing, you keep fighting with your spouse, and your brand new TV is on the fritz?

Blame it on Mercury – the planet, that is. Mercury goes into retrograde on Saturday, July 14th until August 8th.

But what does that mean?

Astrologer Susan Miller, the author of “The Year Ahead: 2012 And Beyond” visited “The Couch” to discuss the strange glitch in the cosmos that we’re about the experience.

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As Miller explained, Mercury is the planet of objective thinking – our memory, our perception – all of our objective qualities.

“When Mercury retrogrades for three and a half weeks, he sleeps, and we have to stumble around, doing the best we can by ourselves,” the astrologer said.

“During these periods, we have to go the extra mile, to remember not even to lose things, like our sunglasses, our smartphones.”

Another important tip? Don’t sign contracts or make big purchases during this time.

For more tips on this astrological phenomenon, check out the interview below.

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