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B&C Morning Show: Jerry Wants To Get Paid, Boomer Too

Deron Williams (Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)

Deron Williams (Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)

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While getting us all up to date on everything going on in the world of New York Sports and beyond, ‘Lin-Sanity’ concludes, Mets bullpen implodes against the Nationals and the Yankees keep on humming right along, Jerry Recco attempted to collect on a wager he made with Craig a while back regarding Deron Williams resigning with the Brooklyn Nets.

According to Jerry, he owes him $1,000 after losing the bet, a claim Craigie initially dismissed, that is until we provided that audio that proved otherwise.

Not only does he owe Jerry a nice chunk of change, he’s also gotta fork over some loot to his Blonde buddy Boomer as well…

LISTEN: Jerry Wants To Get Paid, Boomer Too (07/18)

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