THE FARM released their debut, self-titled album on July 13th, and it’s already in the top 20 country albums on iTunes. The three band members, Krista Marie, Damien Horne and Nick Hoffman, came together with no plans of actually forming a band. All coming from different places, the trio met for the first time while songwriting in Nashville. They began experimenting together, and came up with the hook for “Home Sweet Home.” The vocal chemistry was undeniable, with perfectly blending harmonies. In an industry where trios and bands are far from rare, THE FARM brings a unique and unrivaled sound to the table that sets them apart.

the farm1 THE FARM Unite Country And Rock With Debut Album [Review]

The lady of the group, Krista Marie, originally moved to LA where she began perusing her career. She worked on music at night and worked as a stunt girl for her day job! She later moved to Nashville where she met her now band mates. Damien Horne is a North Carolina native and grew up in Hickory, NC. Horne also tried the LA thing for some time, but made the move to Nashville where he joined a band touring with John Legend. Nick Hoffman, formerly known as Kenny Chesney‘s fiddle player, grew up in Nowthen, Minnesota and also found himself in the country music capital to chase his dream.

The challenge for a country group like THE FARM is standing out amongst hugely popular acts like Little Big Town, Sugarland and Lady Antebellum. Their first album is on the right track, sounding unlike anything on country radio right now. Their voices mesh in an outstanding way and all members of the band take the lead from song to song. Although the album mostly consists of upbeat songs, the alternating lead vocalists give the album a nice variety.

“Home Sweet Home” is not only the first song that they wrote together, but it is also their first single. Damien’s soulful voice, Krista’s perfect harmonies and Nick’s incredible fiddle make up the perfect recipe for a country hit.

There is a heavy country feel to the entire album, with different elements incorporated throughout. There is even some beat boxing on a few of the verses. Some of the stand-out tracks on the album are “That 100 Miles,”  “Be Grateful,” “Nowhere Road” and “The Train I’m On.” All of the members come from different musical backgrounds, the end result being an interesting fusion of ear-pleasing country. Their debut album has given us a first great impression, and there seems to be a bright future ahead for THE FARM.

Track List:

1. Farm Party
2. Home Sweet Home
3. Sweet Sweet Sunshine
4. Be Grateful
5. Nowhere Road
6. Fresh Off The Farm
7. Little Boat
8. That 100 Miles
9. Every Time I Fall In Love
10. The Train I’m On
11. Walkin’

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 – Jodi Phillips/The New 103.7

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