First we hear Brook Lopez tell WFAN’s own Evan Roberts that he believes his Brooklyn Nets are superior to the Knicks. As if that was disturbing enough, afterwards Craig shared a little about his childhood, which according to him wasn’t an ideal upbringing.

Boomer then suggested that Craig instill his knack for doing impressions into his soon to be released autobiography, by using his variety of voices to make an audio book of his writings, a suggestion Craig was not opposed to.

Then we heard Boomer desperately try to remove himself  from the fray of the Morning Show, only to learn out he is more like the rest of us than he thought, which was proven by comparing ‘weekday Boomer’ to ‘weekend Boomer.” A telling comparison indeed…

LISTEN: Brook Lopez Declares The Nets Are Top Of The Heap & Craig’s Troubled Upbringing (07/19)

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