In an industry where the good ol’ boys run the show, once in a while a female artist rises up to take a stand. As WQYK’s Cledus, Dave and Veronica found out, Maggie Rose and her band are kicking down doors and taking names. Rose dropped by the studio earlier this week to talk female empowerment, Bruce Springsteen and killing a few people.

Maggie Rose (Margaret ‘Maggie’ Rose Durante) got her start in a very unusual way; singing for a Bruce Springsteen cover band . Rose explained to Veronica how she was lucky to travel and perform with great musicians while getting the opportunity to open up for the band.

PHOTOS: Maggie Rose Studio QYK Performance

So, does Rose’s music reflect that of The Boss? Rose said her music is more of a mixture of soul and ’70s country mixed with a bit of traditional country twang. Dave described her music as, “a little bit of dark mystery to it.” Rose agreed and added, “We kill a few people on the album,” referring to her song “Whiskey and A Gun.” However, as Rose explained, she was the only one who took a beating, emotionally, while recording her digital EP, Maybe Tonight. When asked if she would spill the beans on the man responsible for the emotional trauma, Rose said, “He knows who he is.”

Unfortunately, that mystery man cannot take credit for her single “I Ain’t Your Mama.” Rose explains how, for her, the song is more a “nurturing, loving” song. Every woman can relate to the lyrics of the song. In fact, women are always going up to Rose and telling her how they nudge their boyfriends, or husbands, in hopes that their men will get the hint. As Maggie Rose says the single is more about, “Keeping him in line and telling him what’s up.”

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– Frances Negron, 99.5 WQYK

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