It seemed like only yesterday that eight lucky young singers were teaming up with superstars like Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Nettles, John Legend and Robin Thicke to win themselves a recording contract on the popular show Duets. But last night America’s choice was finally revealed.

While Team KC and Team Jennifer waited anxiously to know who received the most votes, the night was treated like an all-star concert with performances from the superstars and their partners. Even those who were eliminated in previous weeks were back for one last hoorah on the big stage.

Legend and his partner, Bridget Carrington—who made it into the final four—went rock ‘n’ roll for the Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter.” While Olivia Chisholm and Robin Thicke, who was the first superstar to lose both his partners, kept up their sultry streak with “Fever” by Ray Charles calling in the horns to add a big band flair.

Though tensions were high, wondering just who would win the whole show, the guys managed to look like they were having a little bit of fun. John Glosson and Jennifer kept things classy like usual, performing the Broadway hit “For Good” from Wicked. Kelly admitted that she was crying during the song, while Legend known for his stoicism admitted even he almost cried, almost.

Jason Farol, who fought his way from the bottom to the top over the course of the show, rocked out to Elvis’s “Heartbreak Hotel” with Kelly. The young singer pulled out a leather jacket, but unfortunately didn’t try to mimic The King’s pelvis. Jason even got a few words of advice from Robin, who’s Dad told him, “don’t ever do something you don’t get paid for.”

Jennifer Nettles and her Duets partner J Rome sing “Rhythm of the Night.”

J Rome, who’s been the frontrunner from the very beginning, showed off his fun side taking on “Rhythm of the Night” by El De Barge with Jennifer, who managed to shake her baby bump in stilettos. From performing Ray Charles to “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease, John questioned what J Rome couldn’t do.

Even Kelly and Jennifer went toe-to-toe on Eurythmics “ Would I Lie to You?” before it was announced which one of their teams were able to pull off the victory.

For the first season of Duets, there was some highs–watching these superstars show off their teaching skills—and some lows—not having America vote until the show was six weeks in, what was that about?—but in the end it was about the talent.

The final three—Jason, J Rome and John Glosson—were all singers who showed what skill it takes to sing alongside such honored professionals. Not to mention the nerves to get up there and belt it out alongside.

In the end though it was a no-brainer, J Rome was the winner. Proving America can sometimes get it right.

Shannon Carlin, CBS Local

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