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B&C Morning Show: Tuesday’s Podcast & MOTD

NYC Boomer and Carton Podcast - Edited
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Today Jerry Recco elected to include himself in his highly anticipated ‘Moment of the Day’, which is perfectly fine considering it is ‘his’ MOTD. After hearing it, I believe  Jerry would have been doing the audience a disservice had he not chosen this segment, which featured a ‘Sterling-esque’ HR call for newest Yankee Ichiro Suzuki, complete with a little ‘Lady Marmalade’, as well as Craig morphing into Suzyn Waldman and having just a grand ole time…

You can hear the hilarious segment in its entirety by clicking here

LISTEN: Moment of the Day (07/24)

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wfan bc4 B&C Morning Show: Tuesdays Podcast & MOTD

Below you can listen to and download all of the memorable audio from today’s (07/24) edition of the Boomer & Carton Morning Extravaganza in one nice little package for your convenience…Until tomorrow morning, stay classy New York!!!

LISTEN: Tuesday’s Podcast (07/24)

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