As entertaining as they always are, you always seem to learn something from Jerry Recco’s updates, which is why I often refer to them as ‘informative and entertaining’. Today’s revelation came while Jerry detailed the story surrounding Alex Rodriguez’s broken left hand and his teammates and manager all referred to him as ‘Al’, who knew??? Craig doesn’t think Alex looks like a ‘Al’, but it’s not for him to decide.

Last night things were decided on the field, as the Yankees fell to the Mariners 4-2, while the Mets fell to the Nationals 5-2 and reporters have taken to referring to Terry Collins as ‘skip’.

Getting back to A-Rod, Craig isn’t feeling much sympathy for the Yankees’ slugger, suspecting that his  ‘healing process’ will likely include ‘relations’ with a hot blonde.

Plus, Team U.S.A. beat Spain 100-78 in their final tune-up for the Olympics. Carmelo led the way with 27 points coming off the bench and could be heard talking about playing defense afterwards and some NHL news regarding the Flyers that had Boomer-the-Rangers-fan all sorts of fired-up. Speaking of Boomer-the-Rangers-fan, the Blonde Bomber will be guest hosting tonight on ‘MSG’s Celebrity Countdown’ @ 8:30 p.m. giving his top Ranger moments of the season.

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