Alex Rodriguez suffered a broken left hand on Tuesday night after getting plunked by Felix Hernandez, which gave Craig an idea this morning.

He said his beloved Mets should trade their ‘golden boy’ David Wright to the Bronx, which would certainly help ease the pain of losing A-Rod. But for Craig it goes beyond that.

Setting aside that he might really be a Yankees fan at heart, Craig believes the deal would make perfect sense for both sides.  Obviously for the Yanks, the rich would get richer. As far as the Mets are concerned, Craig does not believe they will be willing to spend the money to re-sign Wright (his current contract expires after an option year in 2013), so therefore why not move him when his value is soaring?

Boomer was quick to inform his radio partner that the deal will never happen. And as long as Hal Steinbrenner is in charge of the finances, he won’t allow it.

So there was that to talk (argue) about — which the Dynamic Radio Duo did — as well as all the action on the field.  Both teams lost: the Yanks fell 4-2 to the Mariners, while the Mets were downed by the Nationals 5-2.

And don’t miss Boomer’s top Rangers moments of 2011-12 on MSG’s “Celebrity Countdown,” airing tonight at 8:30.

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