NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — Stray golf balls are becoming a major hazard in towns on Long Island, CBS 2 first reported on the issue in West Babylon, now the problem has arisen in Sayville where residents told CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan that they are fed up.

Ellie and Al Slavik’s home in West Sayville is directly in the line of danger, this year alone they have collected 182 errant golf balls from the Suffolk County course that have sailed across the highway and crashed into their car, windows, roof, and themselves.

“We always save the first golf ball of the year, this is the 2012 ball. Those red ones are from striking the home,” they explained.

The Slaviks home is pockmarked and one passing motorist even had her windshield smashed.

They have complained to Suffolk County but were told that the County is not able to offer compensation for damage caused by errant golf balls.

The Slaviks have been living in the neighborhood since 1963 and are worried that their grandchildren, who regularly play outside, will be hit with errant golf balls.

The County told CBS 2 that it is working a solution that will not burden the taxpayers.

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