Back on July 19th, as the Yankees prepared to embark on seven game west coast road trip, which began in Oakland, Boomer predicted that the Bombers were poised for a slide. Low-and-behold, since then the Yankees have gone 3-8, falling to the Orioles 5-4 last night and losing Mark Teixeira in the process, and the Blonde Bomber is looking pretty damn smart, although he is not particularly proud of his prediction coming to fruition (thus far).

As for Boomer’s radio partner, Craig isn’t ready to jump ship just yet (in case you’re unaware, he has a long ‘ship jumping history’) but he admitted that his level of concern is rising with each loss. The Yankees are still sitting atop the AL East holding a 6.5 game lead over those same Orioles, but that lead is dwindling fast.

Speaking of struggling ball clubs, the Mets righted their ship last night in San Francisco, besting the Giants 8-7 for their second win in a row. Some bad news out of Giants camp, as Terell Thomas is lost for the season with an ACL injury, prompting Boomer and Craig to discuss the NFL’s non-guaranteed contracts and the risks these players run.

From Jets camp, Tim Tebow says he wasn’t expecting so much attention and Darrell Revis suits up, but says he had every right to hold out.

All of that and poor Boomer felt the need to share that he had a long ride home last night, after being pampered on the golf course all afternoon and places blame on a visit from the President. Say it with me, BOUGHIE!!!

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