To say Chuck Wicks is busy is putting it mildly. He is currently working on his second album with a new single titled “The Whole Damn Thing,” finished a cut on the upcoming Jason Aldean album, and he’s getting ready to take on another reality television show.

As a celebrity contestant on Dancing with the Stars during it’s eighth season and with the recent announcement of the All Star cast, Detroit’s 99.5 WYCD’s Steve Grunwald caught up with Wicks and asked about participating in another season. “I probably wouldn’t do it, because I did it the first time and it was an awesome experience … it takes up alot of time and I’m right in the middle of my second record and I think it would hinder it.” He did mention that he’s proud of the fact that the All Star cast is comprised of three contestants from his season, liking it to the “Olympic Trials.”

The “Stealing Cinderella” hit maker is still stealing hearts on the social networks. Wicks is an artist that embraces social media, and for those of you wondering, @chuckwicksmusic does do his own ‘tweeting,’ about 5-10 tweets a day. He verified that it is actually him, and not a hired gun “It’s me. I don’t trust people to talk for me.” Apparently the same rings true for anyone who tries to set up a fake account for his family:

Chuck Wicks is working on a new reality show for the Outdoor Channel that has him hunting with celebrities. Chuck shares, “I’m shooting a pilot for a new show on the Outdoor Channel ‘cause I love hunting. A lot of people don’t know I love to hunt, I’m a huge outdoorsman.”

He reveals that the NRA supported show will be celebrity driven, to include other artists and NASCAR celebs. “Gonna get in the woods and film it and be stupid and funny… it’s gonna be cool.”

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See photos of Chuck Wicks with James Otto and Greg Bates in concert!

Nanci Haskin/99.5 WYCD

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