Police Responded To Apartment For A Suicide Three Weeks Ago

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A woman’s remains were found in a box in the attic of a Richmond Hill apartment over the weekend, and the medical examiner’s office told the Associated Press it was a homicide.

A spokesperson for the medical examiner’s office said the woman died of stab wounds to the neck and torso.

The Queens home was also the site of a suicide nearly three weeks ago.

Officers first showed up on July 20 in response to the suicide of Devendra Autar. Autar’s brother, who is a New York City police officer, was cleaning out his brother’s apartment this weekend when he made the horrific discovery.

1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck reports

A neighbor told 1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck there was a note left in Autar’s home. The New York Post reported that in the letter, Autar expressed regret for something he had done.

“Very nice guy, peaceful. I never would expect something to happen like this. Because the way this is playing out, to me and the person I knew him as, it’s ridiculous because I would’ve never suspected or expected something like that,” the neighbor said.

The man also said this whole ordeal has shaken him up.

“It’s ridiculous. I would never expect something like this to happen next door to me. You live here, you know all the people here, you think you have a relationship with these people, they’re your neighbors,” the neighbor added. “It’s crazy, because I came home from work yesterday and all I saw was the forensic squad car out here. It was just strange.”

The woman’s identity has not yet been released.

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