NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New York’s Restaurant Week offers fine dining for under $40 – but if you’re more worried about your waist than your wallet, we’ve got some healthy dining options to choose from.

Registered dietician Laura Cipullo dished out some of the best, healthy deals at this year’s Restaurant Week, which runs until August 20.

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Her tips? Find a simple dish. Choose a piece of grilled protein with a complex flavor, like a piece of salmon. This item packs lots of flavor, but it’s just a piece of fish. Skip the cream sauce and you’ll have a guilt-free meal.

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If you’re more of a chicken lover, go ahead and order it – but remove the skin and be careful with the side dishes. Yes, chicken is healthy, but a side dish of mashed potatoes and butter isn’t.

As Cipullo points out, Restaurant Week is a good bet for dieters, since everything comes pre-portioned. Diners receive an appetizer, entree and dessert, which all come out in small portions.

Her top picks: Arugula salad from Lupa in the West Village, cucumber soup from the North End Grill and whole wheat pasta from the Todd English Food Hall.

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