Boomer & Craig were discussing their upcoming trip to Jets camp, which is scheduled for August 2, and the fact that apparently no Jets players will be available to talk with the Dynamic Radio Duo.  The guys talked about the possibility of changing the visit to the 23rd, but Craig was not in love with that idea.

Instead they may just go on the 22nd anyway and see what happens.  Al Dukes – who apparently fancies himself to be a wide receiver – liked the sound of that, thinking that if the Jets aren’t going to be occupying the practice field, maybe he could make his way out there, catch a couple of passes from Boomer and maybe wow the Jets brass.

Craig isn’t sure Al could even handle a pass thrown by the Blonde Bomber – who even at 51 can still sling it – but Al was pretty confident he could handle all the Booms could throw his way. Stay tuned…

LISTEN: Al Dukes Could Get The Chance To Strut His Stuff At Jets Camp (08/14)

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