Jenna Burke made a name for herself after she appeared in the reality TV show ‘The Bachelor’ and got little crazy.  Today she made her way into Manhattan to join Boomer & Craig in the Allstate Studio so that she could talk about her stint on the show and play the wildly popular trivia contest known as ‘Do you Know More Sports Than…’

After Boomer asked the lovely Jenna if there were any ‘relations’ taking place behind the scenes on ‘The Bachelor’ – which was very entertaining – they got down to business and played the game.

Jenna was up against a fella named Mike, who proved to be a worthy opponent as this one needed about 12 bonus questions to declare a winner – which as you can see by the picture, was Jenna.  for his efforts, Mike too was rewarded with some Yankees tickets, Jenna got the belt and I believe everyone left happy…

LISTEN: Do You Know More Sports Than…Hot Jenna Burke???  (08/15)

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