Jerry Recco entered the Allstate Studio proudly wearing his Columbia powder blue and ready to deliver a whole lotta baseball news, beginning with those Bronx Bombers, who shut-down the Rangers for the third straight night at the Stadium, winning a well-played baseball game by a score of 3-2.

Afterwards the players were asked questions about the win and their former teammate, Melky Cabrera, testing positive for testosterone and being slapped with a 50 game suspension.  That led to an interesting & informative discussion about hypogonadism and hypergonadism – apparently there is a big difference.

‘King’ Felix Hernandez lived up to his name by tossing a perfect-game against the Rays yesterday afternoon in Seattle and after hearing Dave Simms call for ‘Root Sports’ in Seattle, Craig offered a critique.

Before Jerry could get to the Mets latest loss, Boomer shared some more things he learned about hypergonadism – which was enlightening.

Then it was onto the Mets, who lost to the Reds 6-1, despite having R.A. Dickey on the mound. Dickey was forced by the umpiring crew to cut-off his bracelets during the game and his performance seemed to have suffered after that.  Craig wondered aloud if Dickey’s bracelets, which were given to him by his daughters, might possess “magical powers.”

Plus, Amare Stoudemire is participating in “3-A’Days” this off-season and Team USA beat Mexico, in Mexico for the first time ever…

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