Experts: Animal Got Comfortable In Surburbs; Now Considers It Its Territory

DANBURY, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — A canine killer has a Connecticut community on edge.

Residents in Danbury claim a large coyote has been preying on their pets and now the hunt is on to capture the animal before he attacks his next victim.

Missing pet posters have been increasingly seen piling up on fences and utility poles. No one knows how many animals are gone and no on really expects them to turn up alive.

A large coyote has been prowling Tammany Trail dining on small dogs and cats.

“This thing is fearless. It’s not intimidated by any person. It knows the habits of humans,” said Cathy Moore.

“I just heard about a cat getting attacked, another dog attacked so…it’s going around and it’s either territorial or hungry,” said local resident Chris Bell.

Locals told CBS 2’s Lou Young the coyote in question is possibly as large as a German Shepherd. It has picked up some bad habits that have alarmed the folks at City Hall.

“When the coyotes start to get bold enough to take pets, you have to take action,” said Danbury Health Director Scott LeRoy.

“It escalates to where they’ll start actually having an interaction with a person during day with their pet on a leash and can become that aggressive once they get the taste of domestic animals,” said City Council President Joe Cavo.

Not all the coyote victims are missing and presumed dead.

Hercules, a Jack Russell Terrier, survived a coyote attack. The coyote had him in his jaw and Jack has punctures in his head and neck. He was saved by his electric dog containment collar.

“The coyote actually had him by the neck with the collar in his mouth and he crossed the line and the snap went off and I think that’s what caused it to drop him,” said dog owner Jennifer Morsey.

The 9-year-old pooch, now recovering, was no match for the energy of a hungry coyote.

Next week, traps will be going up out in the woods near Tammany Trail. Pet owners are being urged to keep their animals and kids in sight.

Once the coyote is captured, it’s unclear if the animal will be relocated or put down.

Animal behavior experts said the coyote in question was allowed to get too comfortable in the suburban area, which it now considers its territory.

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