Mike Blows A Gasket, But Who Can Blame Him? Amazins Have Been Plain Awful

NEW YORK (WFAN) — It was bound to happen sooner or later.

WFAN’s Mike Francesa is fed up with the Mets, and considering how they have played over their last 40-plus games, it’s hard to blame him. Where once 2012 was a season of surprising promise, it has since morphed into an unmitigated disaster.

The last straw for Francesa came Thursday after the Amazins lost 1-0 to Colorado, to complete the Rockies’ four-game sweep.

“After last night and watching the postgame and after today and watching the postgame, I don’t want to hear any more about these Mets pitchers. Don’t let the Mets or SNY or Kevin Burkhardt or anybody else try to force-feed you that these pitchers are the second coming of [Tom] Seaver and [Jerry] Koosman. Because that Colorado lineup is a bunch of minor leaguers,” Francesa said.

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“That Colorado team came in here playing baseball that was ridiculous. They were 46-73 with the worst pitching in the world and the Mets can’t get a run.”

Francesa then took the Mets’ manager to task, comparing him to one of the more infamous pro sports coaches in New York City history.

“The Mets have become such an embarrassment they’ve become a bigger embarrassment than they were under [Jerry] Manuel. Terry Collins is starting to sound like [Rich] Kotite, and he is accepting. I watched it last night. All they talked about last night was ‘well, we had a couple of good at-bats late,’” Francesa said.

Have the Mets quit on themselves and their city? They have lost 30 of their last 42 games. They have lost 14 of their last 16 at home. They have not scored more than two runs in any of their last six games.

“You have to go back to ’82, which was the black hole of Mets baseball, to see the last time that happened,” Francesa said.

And Francesa got more irritated the longer he stayed on topic.

“This team has reached a low point that is unbelievable. That this season could become like this, and now you can see it. You know the idea, the thing that we talked about and raved about Terry Collins was that he was not accepting of this garbage. He has become accepting.”

One play, in particular, on Thursday seemed to personify how the Mets have performed since the All-Star break.

“[Mike] Baxter was forced at second on base-hit in front of him … The eight people that were there today, give them their money back! You gotta be kidding me. If I was the manager I’d jump off the roof, if that was my team.”

“And now all you hear is ‘Oh Harvey, wow, you know he struck out as many guys as Nolan Ryan.’ You trying to tell me now Harvey is going to be Nolan Ryan? See what the Mets are trying to do now is sell you that these pitchers, who up until a couple of weeks you’d never heard of, are now the reason to believe,” Francesa said.

“They just got swept by a team that came in 46-73. They didn’t get swept by the Giants or the Nats … It was like watching a spring training game today. [The Rockies] pitched their starter three innings today and the Mets didn’t score a run.”

Francesa then summed up that which many Mets fans must be feeling these days.

“If I was the owner, if I was Jeff Wilpon, if I’m Sandy Alderson, I would be afraid to show my face in public if this was my team. That’s how bad this has been now. Listen, we gave them credit when they deserved it this year, but I’ve never seen a team die like this team.”

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