EAST HAMPTON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Two people on board a small plane that went down in the Hamptons Sunday are recovering in the hospital, thanks in part to the quick action of some good Samaritans, including a local bread maker.

Craig Schum was working in a Wainscott bakery about a mile from the East Hampton Airport Sunday evening, when he heard the plane crash.

“An enormous crash. Imagine what it takes for a plane to take down 40 trees or whatever,” Schum told CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan. “Without really thinking about it…I was just running towards this airplane that’s on fire.”

Schum said he ran barefoot and hopped fences to get to the crash scene, where he found the male pilot and the female passenger injured and dazed.

“I thought she was dead. She’s covered in blood,” Schum told McLogan. “The pilot was conscious, covered in blood, walking in circles, didn’t really know where he was…she was on the ground with her legs still stuck in the plane.”

Schum said he was just hoping to keep both victims alive until emergency officials arrived.

“I grabbed her and ran towards the street,” he told McLogan. “Trying to will her back to life and then she started moving her head and we knew she was alive.”

The two people on board the plane were from Massachusetts and had just taken off, bound for Boston. They are now recovering from injuries at Stony Brook Medical Center.

Pilot Steven Bochter spoke to CBS 2 from his hospital bed on Monday.

“I was dazed, everything was on fire. Kim was unconscious. The guy came out of nowhere to save us. We are blessed to have lived through all that. Thanks to all those heroes,” Bochter said.

The two plane crash survivors said they hope to meet the good Samaritans who helped save their lives once they’ve recovered.

The incident was the second small plane crash on eastern Long Island in as many weeks.

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