It’s time for everyone’s favorite Wednesday segment…Do you know more sports than.

Today’s contestant is the lovely Graciela, or cheeks, as her friends call her. This beauty resides in Staten Island and is a huuuuuuge Yankee fan, but her favorite bomber may surprise you. In a little different twist for this episode of “do you know more sports than” Graciela and Boomer squared off against Craig and Cheek’s sorta kinda maybe boyfriend. If the new B&C win then Mike has to read his somewhat GF 50 shades of Grey, but if he wins than Graciela would have to perform it. Sorry Mom.

The results of this competition were not really surprising. Cheeks was nearly flawless answering 9 out of 10. Mike on the other hand, completely embarrassed himself struggling mightily with the questions. Craig had his back however, promising the audience that the rules of this contest will be changed drastically after the holiday weekend.  Mike did not know more sports than a hot chick, but he does get to go home with her…but first he has to go pick up a copy of 50 Shades of Grey. We know what he will be doing this Labor Day.

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