Jerry leads off his 1st update with the top story in NY sports from last night, the New York Yankees big win against the Jays. Joe Girardi and Russell Martin both praised Hughes for his 7 shutout innings. The Bombers were not the only baseball team in the Big Apple that tasted victory yesterday. The suddenly red hot Mets took down their rival from the City of Brotherly Love in extra innings. Manager Terry Collins praised his team for their efforts.

There is no question that Jerry Recco is one of the best at what he does. But even the greats mess up from time to time. More often than not screw-ups slide through the cracks, but it’s hard to get a fastball by the B&C audience. During Jerry’s update a caller calls-in to point out that Mr. Recco had mentioned that the Yanks defeated the O’s, but in reality they beat the Blue Jays. “My mistake I apologize.”

The update continues along stopping at Jet’s camp where new OC Tony Sparano explains to the media that the reason the Jets have struggled in the preseason is because they don’t want to tip their hand. Craig says that’s all well and good, but it does not excuse them not finding paydirt in 3 games.

Jerry ends his update with some Jerry Jones sound from one of our sister stations. Mr. Jones is outspoken as usual talking about Dez Bryant’s good boy clause. Check out the audio below to hear what the Cowboy’s owner had to say…

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