NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — When it comes to the iconic Madden NFL video game franchise, who hasn’t created their own namesake character?

Well, if you’re a pro football player, you shouldn’t have to. Unless you’re Marcus Thomas of the Giants, who went on a Twitter rant Tuesday after discovering his profile picture wasn’t him at all.

“I been in the nfl going on 6years and y’all still hav another mans face for my pic on madden,” he tweeted, “i hate y’all hate is very strong but I do.”

Thomas ripped the “unprofessional” creators of Madden ’13, which was released on Tuesday, for using an “imposter” in his place.

“How y’all gone hav my pic rookie season and then change it to a completely dif person,” he wrote.

Thomas’ tweets got the attention of Madden NFL content producer Donny Moore, who admitted the picture was of former University of Texas at El Paso running back Marcus Thomas.

That Thomas was signed and released by several teams — several years ago — and never managed to catch on in the pros.

“Sincere apologies Mr. Thomas, we will have this picture removed for next update,” tweeted Moore.

That was apparently enough to satisfy Thomas — you know, the one still in the league.

“Thanks mr madden I love you,” he posted.

Have you noticed any other mistakes in Madden ’13? Let us know in the comments below!

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