NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Occupy Wall Street protesters say they are planning three days of action in lower Manhattan this September to commemorate the first anniversary of their movement.

The event, dubbed “S17,” will take place September 15, 16 and 17, when it will culminate in a day of protest in the Financial District.

“Celebrating one year of Occupy Wall Street,” says a message on the website The site calls the event “Three days of education, celebration and resistance.”

“On September 15-17th, join us in this fight for our world — this fight for our lives,” reads a message on the site. “For years, people all over the world have been crippled by the corporate greed of the 1%. They built their bonuses out of stolen pensions of teachers, civil servants, and our neighbors. We pay for their welfare. They bet and borrow against our future. We drown in debt. So who is really in debt to whom? Now our elected representatives want us to embrace austerity–work harder for less, retire later (if at all), and say goodbye to our fundamental labor protections. They’re betting on our obedience. They’re betting wrong.”

The site says interested participants can sign up to receive text messages about the protest.

Planned events include “Occupy Town Square” on the 15th, taking place at Washington Square Park, and a protest dubbed “Citizens United Against Citizens United,” which refers to the Supreme Court decision allowing unlimited amounts of spending on political ads sponsored by corporations and unions. On the 16th, the protest will move to Thomas Paine Park in the Financial District, and there will be a concert at Foley Square, according to the site.

On the group’s Facebook page, more than 2,500 people have replied saying they are planning on participating in the event on Saturday the 15th. More than 20,000 have been invited.

The brunt of the activity will come together on the 17th, when “a subset of the S17 planning group has been breaking out around a shared intention to disrupt Wall Street.” According to the website, the various plans being considered including protesting as close to Wall Street as possible as well as disrupting intersections throughout the Financial District. The event is dubbed, according to one Facebook page, “Black Monday.” More than 1,200 people say they are attending the event, which is being touted as “graduation from Summer Disobedience School.”

The Occupy movement has also posted a YouTube video promoting the event.

The Occupy Wall Street movement began last year, taking its inspiration from the Arab Spring. Protesters took over Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan, renaming it “Liberty Square.” Various protests led to numerous arrests and clashes with police. After more than a month of staying encamped in the place, the group was ultimately evicted by the police. Several more related protests took place, but overall the movement seemed to have fizzled following its initial success in capturing the public’s imagination and spreading nationwide.

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