Normally, we only post Jerry’s first update of the day. That’s not to say his others are unimportant. In fact, they tend to get better and better as the morning goes on. Before Jerry could even get started, the guys played some sound from Dolphins rookie QB Ryan Tannehill. Apparently the former Aggie has no idea which division the Chiefs play in!!

The shenanigans ensued when some Terry Collins audio entered the mix. The Met manager can’t seem to figure out where all this 3rd place talk is coming from. Well to help with the situation, Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel are brought in to make “sense” of the matter. It seems like Collins needs to go see a specialist that specializes in that area.

What would a Jerry update be without the NY Jets. We all know Gang Green has been very outspoken in the Rex Ryan era, and Woody Johnson is not exempted from that. The Jet owner coined a new phrase in an interview yesterday. You can never have enough Tebow. Well….can ya?

LISTEN:  Collins, Minaya And Tannehill — Oh My!


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