Jerry’s 1st update of the day is always must listen radio, and today was no different. The Yanks lost the rubber game of their series with the Jays, and Joe Girardi channeled his inner Stone Cold Steve Austin. That’s the bottom line. On the other side of the town, the red hot Mets edged the Phillies 3-2 thanks in large part to Lucas Duda’s “cannon blast”…according to Josh Lewin. Frank Francisco notched the save and credits his eating habits for his recent success.

In football news, Hakeem Nicks saw his first reps of the preseason and he claims he is ready to go. Meanwhile, Jet owner Woody Johnson cracks a joke about his team’s lackluster performance on offense. Craig is not happy about this.

At this point, Jerry’s update was flawless with no hiccups. But that all suddenly changed with the mention of Paul Dottino’s name. Craig immediately said, who? Jerry then said Paul Dottino covers the Jets for the WFAN. Well anyone who listens to this station knows P-Dott covers the G-Men. My mistake I apologize. In case you missed it yesterday, Paul was on with Joe and Evan and took a shot at the Jets. In hindsight, that was probably not the best idea considering how beloved Gang Green is in the Benigno household.

Jerry wraps up his update with a Notre Dame story. The Irish take on Navy this weekend in Dublin. Now we all know where Dublin his right? Ok, maybe not everyone. My mistake I apologize.

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