Wake up the ghosts of Jeffrey Maier and Tony Tarasco, because the Yankee O’s rivalry is back. Bang! Craig was super pumped this morning for a tremendous upcoming weekend of baseball in the Bronx. Boomer was equally excited for a rivalry renewed.  It’s a “must watch” addition of hardball this weekend according to Craig.

This morning was not a total love fest from B&C towards the Bombers. One Yankee in particular really got under the guys skin. There is no denying Robbie Cano’s talent level, but the guy is so smooth that sometimes it appears as though he is dogging it. Yesterday may have been one of those days. According to Craig, Cano gave away at-bats and seemed disinterested. Both B&C agreed that Cano and the rest of the Yanks have to step it up this weekend in a crucial late August/early September series.

Football fans biggest nightmare appears to be a reality. On Wednesday, Commissioner Goodell announced that replacement officials will take the field in Week 1. We know preseason football is not exactly edge of your seat entertainment, but pigskin fans are very loyal and have been tuning in. So they are all well adverse to the embarrassment that has taken place between the lines. This morning Boomer said the refs have been brutal and are not qualified to officiate an NFL game. Craig chimed in with his thoughts, stating that it would be a major headache for the league if the Giants Cowboys season opener was decided by a bad call on the field.

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