As a New York sports fan, these are the types of nights you look forward to. The Yankees once 10-game lead is now a thing of the past as they face the Rays tonight and the reigning Super Bowl champs host America’s team. You simply can’t beat the NFL and tight pennant races in September.

In a way to get under Craig’s (and other Yankee fans) skin, Eddie Scozzare and the boys cooked up a special open to sum up the Yankee’s struggles right now. A little Slip Slidin’ Away from the great Paul Simon mixed with highlights from the Yanks 5-2 loss to the Ray’s got things going this early Wednesday morning.

Craig was quick to point out the Bombers are a hot a mess and can’t get anything going. However, the O’s on the other hand are making a bold statement that they are here to win the division. Buck’s young squad put up a few TD’s on the Jays last night, a team the Yanks struggled with last week. With 27 games left in the season, the Yanks are now fighting for their playoff lives. Could the Yanks mirror what the Mets did back in 2007? Boomer says not so fast.

Craig’s partner in crime believes the Yanks may have finally hit rock bottom. Boom feels last night’s loss could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Craig on the other hand feels the Yanks could be looking up at the O’s or Ray’s by next week. Either way, both agree that the Yanks season will come down to the last week.

It’s past Labor Day, so we know it’s time for Craig to sport his Yankee attire. Needless to say this collapse has Mr. Carton bummed out, but there is something that has 1 half of the B&C show pumped up. Football is back baby!!! The New York Giants host their arch rival the Dallas Cowboys tonight at MetLife stadium. Craig, the ultimate dyed-in-the-wool Jet fan sported his Giant scarf in honor of the Super Bowl champs.

Both B&C agree on the biggest key for the G-Men tonight. Get after Tony Romo! The Giant’s secondary is clearly the weakness of the team. JPP and the boys up front need to get heat on the Dallas QB, otherwise it could be a long night for Big Blue’s D. According to Boomer and Craig, Romo is a top 10 signal-caller and was not the reason the Boys lost twice to Eli and the Giants last year.

The Yanks are slip slidin’ away as the pennant race heats up. And football is back!! A lot to talk about this morning…

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