There is little to no doubt that Boomer Esiason is one of the hardest working men in show business, especially during the NFL season. On Mondays, the former QB does a radio show from 6-10 here in NY and then jumps on a plane…ok jet…a private one…but he hops on that and does the MNF football game. So needless to say, Boom is very tired and can make mistakes.

Boomer’s usual partner Kevin Harlan was in Oakland doing the Raider Charger game, so in his place was the great Ian Eagle. Ian, a former WFAN employee is definitely well known by the NY sports audience and also does a tremendous job with CBS. Unfortunately, Boomer called him Ivan last night. Excellent point Boomer!

The booth in Baltimore is set up so that the fans are very close to the broadcasting booth. So close that Boomer recalls an interesting night with Matt Millen a few years back. Let’s just say that Mr. Millen had the munchies about 9 minutes into the broadcast.

The Yanks are locked in a tight battle in the AL East. As usual, Yankee fans are expecting A-Rod to be the guy down the stretch especially with Tex out with an injury. Boomer agrees that Alex has to be the man for the Bombers. However, his partner Craig feels another Yankee needs to be the guy. The player he names might surprise you. Let’s just say he needs to be positively swish-a-licious.

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