NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The Feast of San Gennaro is upon us. Fabrizio Rinaldi of Il Cortile Ristorante on Mulberry Street stopped by the CBS 2 studios to cook up a favorite of the fest: Sausage and pepper hero sandwiches. He even brought by a bonus recipe for pasta.

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Need two large non-stick pans 1 sharp knife for slicing and dicing salt and pepper shakers


  • 6 Green Peppers
  • 6 White Onions
  • 10 Italian Sausages
  • Olive oil
  • 8 Hero Rolls (size of Sausages)


  1. Cover the bottom of a large heated non-stick pan with olive oil add the Italian Sausages and let it heat up for three minutes
  2. Add thinly sliced green peppers to the pan
  3. Cook for an additional 4 or 5 minutes
  4. Then Add slices of white onions to the pan
  5. Let cook for another 4 or 5 minutes
  6. Slice 8 Hero rolls in half the long way
  7. Add the sausages, peppers and onions to each sandwich
  8. Serve hot

Amatriciana Buccatini

Serves 8 people


  • 1 pound buccatini pasta
  • ½ pound of Pancetta cut in ¼” slices
  • 1 Can of San Marzano Whole Tomatoes
  • 1 white onion
  • 1 Glass of red or white Italian Wine


  1. Cover the bottom of a heated pan with olive oil
  2. Dice the Pancetta and the onions and throw onto the heated pan with the olive oil
  3. Let cook for about 4 minutes
  4. Pour in one glass of red wine
  5. Crush the San Marzano tomatoes and add to the pan
  6. Cook for 7 minutes
  7. In a second pot, boil one pound of Buccatini Pasta for about 13 minutes until it is al dente Then mix the pasta with the sauce
  8. Add salt and pepper for taste
  9. Serve

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