First we heard all about how Craig couldn’t fall asleep last night following the Yankees thrilling 2-0 win over the Red Sox, because he was just so pumped up and couldn’t stop the adrenaline rush he was feeling.  Craig was so desperate to get some Zs that he contemplated giving his colleague… oh, you know.

Craig eventually was able to get some shuteye and Sweeny was not bothered.

After that, the guys took a call from Gary in Branford and he asked Boomer why quarterbacks even try to make a tackle – putting themselves in harms way- after throwing an interception.  Boomer explained that it’s called being a football player.  He went on to say the only QB he has ever has known to avoid making a tackle (or any contact all together) was one of his partners on ‘The NFL Today’  — Dan Marino.

That discussion led to a fond memory for the Blonde Bomber.  It occurred back in 1989 when a much younger Boomer laid out a much bigger Jerry Ball (pictured) when throwing a block on a reverse.  Unfortunately we were unable to find any video of the block, as Boomer instructed us to do, so we’ll just have to take his word for it, but it sounded pretty awesome…

LISTEN: Craig’s Trouble Getting To Sleep and Boomer’s Big Block  On Jerry Ball (09/14)

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