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B&C Morning Show: NFL Week 2 Picks-Picks-Picks!

(Al ‘Hughes’ Dukes Photography)

(Al ‘Hughes’ Dukes Photography)

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Last week, just a game separated the Dynamic Radio Duo when it came to their NFL Week 1 Picks-Picks-Picks. Boomer went 3-2, while Craig finished 2-3.

That set the stage for today. And as scheduled, just after 9 a.m.,  Boomer & Craig offered their ‘award-winning’ Picks-Picks-Picks for Week 2 of the NFL Season.  They are as follows:


Game 1: Bears +6 @ Packers – (Boomer: Packers – Craig: Packers)

Game 2: Saints -2 @ Panthers – (Boomer: Panthers – Craig: Saints)

Game 3: Ravens +2 @ Eagles – (Boomer: Eagles – Craig: Eagles)

Game 4: Bucs +7.5 @ Giants – (Boomer: Bucs – Craig: Giants)

Game 5: Jets +6 @ Steelers – (Boomer: Jets – Craig: Jets)

LISTEN: Week 2 Picks

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