By Sweeny Murti
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That is the answer to the question most asked by Yankees fans over the past two months: When is Andy coming back?!

Andy Pettitte has been out since late June, recovering from the line drive that broke a bone in his left leg and set the Yankees’ season on a different course.  While there have been plenty of variables and many other things that have gone wrong besides Pettitte’s absence, the season breaks down pretty significantly along the With Pettitte/Without Pettitte lines:

April 6 – May 12 (without Pettite): 19-14 (.576)

May 13 – June 27 (with Pettitte): 27-14 (.658)

June 28 – present (without Pettitte) 35-34 (.507)

But now Pettitte is finally recovered, a Simulated Game All-Star, ready to rejoin the rotation Tuesday against Toronto:

Pettitte will likely feel a little anxious when he gets out there, but he’s not too worried about the tools he will take out to the mound:

With the Yankees fighting for their playoff lives, Pettitte has been antsy waiting around to contribute during the stretch drive.  Now he gets his chance:

In 2010, Pettitte missed two months in the second half with a groin strain, but came back strong late in the year.  This time, different injury, but the same confidence that he can contribute to the level he expects.  That experience from two years ago is certainly a plus:

Pettitte will be limited to a pitch count of roughly 65-70, but he will not try to milk it through a certain number of innings.  Pettitte is committed to being aggressive and just letting the pitch count take him as far as it can:

This year started with Andy Pettitte retired, and then he wasn’t.  Then he was really good, and then he was injured.  Now he is almost back.  And it’s hard to believe anyone has ever had a year quite like this one.

How would Pettitte describe his 2012 season?

Andy Pettitte is coming back.  Again.  Stay tuned to see how it ends this time.

Sweeny Murti

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