NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Even back when she was starring in smash hits like ‘Pretty in Pink’ and ‘The Breakfast Club,’ Molly Ringwald dreamed of being a writer.

Her new book, “When It Happens To You,” is a collection of short stories. She dropped by The Couch to talk about the latest chapter in her career.

After entering the Hollywood scene at a young age, you might think her first book would be a tell-all tale of life on the silver screen. But that’s not the case.

“It’s completely fiction, I take from people that I know,” Ringwald said. “I’m sure that I put some of my feelings in there. But they’re all completely fictionalized characters.”

Along with acting and singing (she has a jazz album coming out soon), writing has always been a passion of Ringwald’s. She says famed director John Hughes encouraged her greatly to write and direct her own films, starting when she was a teenager.

“I think he saw something in me,” Ringwald said, adding that it is her hope that she can eventually adapt “When It Happens To You” to film.

Now a wife and a mother, why did it take the Breakfast Club star so long to put her dreams into action?

“I wrote for a long time and I just didn’t feel like I was good enough, really,”  she said. “That’s the short and honest answer. I felt like I had talent and I was on the right path,but I didn’t write anything that i felt merited publication yet. This is the first time that i thought ‘I feel really proud of these stories’ and ‘I feel like they make an impact.'”

Betrayal is the big theme of the work.

“I chose it because of the universality of it,” Ringwald said. “I wanted to pick something that was relatable to everybody.”

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